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Refresh Your Space: Small changes for a big difference

Refresh Your Space: Small changes for a big difference

If you’re here, it likely means that you appreciate details; the subtle elements that encourage everyday moments to be a bit more enjoyable. An organised entryway, a thoughtfully placed recipe holder, a curated colourway and functional kitchen hardware that is as beautiful as it is functional.

Whether you’re stuck in a midwinter daydream of updating and refreshing your entire home, or if you’re a serial renovator planning your next project, we have curated a selection of practical, hardworking hardware and accent pieces that can breathe new life into the most familiar of rooms.

Because as any detail-oriented person would know, sometimes all it takes is a small change to make a big impact.

Welcome Home

First impressions are important! For visitors, but perhaps more importantly for yourself. Coming home at the end of every day to an organized entryway is like stepping into a warm hug after a hard week. It may feel like a daunting goal to achieve, but we believe a few key pieces can and will make a huge difference.

For example, the unsung hero of any entryway is a strategically placed peg rail*. Perfect for coats, cleaning supplies, or any bits and bobs you’d rather keep away from prying hands and off of your floor. The natural wood finish on either the birch or oak wood fits seamlessly into any home. For added organization, our brass S hooks help optimize storage.

One of the things we love most about the peg rail is how versatile it is! Use in your entryway, kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom… with three sizes available, the possibilities feel endless.

Fresh Perspectives

Let’s talk powder rooms! Whether you’re waking up with your daily rituals or winding down with a warm bath, our bathrooms play host to some valuable and restorative moments in our day-to-day lives. It’s important to set the space up for success.

Between brass or iron towel bars, shelves, and hardware, sometimes all it takes are a few subtle updates and cohesive accent colours to elevate the entire experience of your bathroom.

The Heart of the Home

Which is of course: The Kitchen. It’s one of the busiest areas of the house and sometimes the most neglected because let’s face it, a full kitchen renovation can take up a lot of time, space, and workarounds for day-to-day life!

So, what if instead, you made a few subtle changes? Like swapping out tired hardware for sleek, brass knobs; Creating a breakfast and coffee station for easy and efficient mornings; or incorporating a brass bar or two to ensure your most utilized pots and pans are ready at hand. You really can transform your kitchen simply by making a few small changes.

We hope this has inspired you to consider how you can refresh your own space. While you may not have the capacity for a massive renovation project, you’ll be amazed at what a few subtle changes can do.

Browse our versatile selection of thoughtful hardware to help you achieve those small but impactful home improvements.

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