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New Year Intention Setting

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An Intention Setting Ritual for the New Year.

In this ritual practice, we'll discuss the important aspects of creating heartfelt intentions for the New year.


 Though it requires time and energy, if you put in the effort, you'll feel grounded, prepared, and ready for whatever comes your way in the New Year. 

What You'll Need...

  • A pen
  • A notebook
  • A cup of tea
  • A quiet space
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We've separated our Intention Setting into 4 main pillars...

Body, Home, Mind, and Soul

Let’s break each down.


Consider your physical well-being, how you feel, your health, and overall vitality. Contemplate how you want to feel and the capabilities you aspire to possess. Envision these goals from the heart rather than through the expectations of society or others' ideals.


The area of “home” is any living spaces or home improvement projects. This pillar is also about the people within and around it. This includes your family, partners, children, pets, friends, and your community.


This encompasses your professional endeavors, significant projects or creations, and all intellectual aspects of your life.


This pillar encompasses all aspects of spirituality, including spiritual practices, self-care routines, therapeutic activities, and any other healing endeavors. 

Before moving into Setting Intentions for the year ahead,

 it's important to reflect on the year we're leaving behind…

For each of the 4 areas write a high and a low you experienced this year.

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Now, the year ahead...

Remember to take a moment to reflect deeply. 

Write down your boldest visions without hesitation. 

Allow yourself to dream big and have fun. 

Ignore expectations, "shoulds," or perceived priorities. 

Follow your heart and explore freely.

To begin, start by finishing these sentences...

“My intention for the new year is...”



“In the new year I will...”



“My dream life looks like...”

The 4 main pillars in the New Year.

Body, Home, Mind, and Soul.


For each, define 3 clear goals or dreams that you'd like to accomplish this year and an action step to get there.



Follow up prompts:


What do you need in order to feel supported in accomplishing these goals and dreams?


What is the internal experience you believe reaching these goals and dreams will insight within you? Spend some time meditating on that feeling.

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Your Word for the Year


One of our favourite parts of this new year ritual is choosing a word that encapsulates our intention, specific goals, and everything we've processed throughout this practice. It works as a simple reminder throughout the year to bring us back to our intentions.


What one word sums it all up? Write it down.

May your New Year be all you dreamed of and more.

Love, June.

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