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Collection Feature: from earth to windowsill with Bergs Potter

Collection Feature: from earth to windowsill with Bergs Potter

The word terracotta has quite a literal origin from an Italian translation meaning “baked earth”. Its history walks hand in hand with humankind, with early discoveries of terracotta statues and vessels appearing as early as 24, 000 BC.

The idea that a material this old is still valued and sought after thousands of years later is captivating.

When we discovered Bergs Potter, it was a similar affinity for history that captivated us. Not only were their flowerpots exquisitely designed with inspiration drawn from Scandinavian castles and old manor houses, but the business itself came with its own unique history.

In 1942, during one of the darkest periods of World War II, Victor Berg inherited a small ceramics shop in Copenhagen. In an attempt to bring a bit of colour to an otherwise bleak street, he began to bring flowers into the shop. It soon became a popular spot for people to visit and in turn the demand for flowers – and pots! – grew and grew.

Years later, when Victor’s two sons joined the family business, they would go on various site visits to countryside castles, historic manor houses and gardens to seek inspiration for new designs. It was in an unsuspecting garden shed where they discovered an elegant flowerpot sitting on an old windowsill. This would soon become Bergs Potters’ flagship design and they decided it would only be produced from the finest terracotta clay – as royal potters had used centuries before.

The search for the highest quality clay and expertly trained artisans brought the Berg family to Tuscany, Italy, which is where each pot from their collection is still produced.

It was in Italy that many of their designs came to life, inspired by the country’s own history with the beloved clay pot. For instance, the idea for the signature rope edge of the Emilia plant pot was sparked by textiles dating back to the Roman Empire, or the minimalist lines of the Julie pot , designed in Milan in the 1960’s.

Each design in their collection was inspired by a moment in history.

From a small shop in 1942 on a busy street in Copenhagen, to the expertly crafted flowerpot sitting by the window, Bergs Potter have made a significant mark in our hearts and homes.

We hope that you feel as drawn to these time-honoured terracotta pots as we are. They’re more than a simple home for your flowers and plants; they’re a slice of history; the story of earth to windowsill.

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