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A Gift Guide for the Practical Gift Giver

A Gift Guide for the Practical Gift Giver

It’s the time of year to turn our attention to those around us and find ways to show our appreciation with gifts and love.

It is also our firm belief that a gift does not require extravagance to be meaningful and thoughtful. This year, we wanted to create a gift guide that would help the gift giver find an item or piece that would provide the receiver with a present that is both thoughtful and practical. We think that a practical and useful gift is sometimes the best way to show someone you care (and the best way to avoid cumbersome exchanges).

We want to help you make time this season – for family, friends, and holiday baking. Not trudging through malls or shops searching endlessly for the right thing.

For those of you searching for a gift that has equal amounts of practicality and sentiment, we’ve created a curated list of items that are sure to get both a lot of use and a lot of love.

Happy gifting!

Our Curated Christmas Gift Guide

1. Vintage Check Bath Towel

Woven from cotton and linen, these bath towels feature a smooth, checkered front and a soft cream terry pile back. The compact design means that each towel is highly absorbent, quick-drying and lightweight making them the perfect gift for those who like the feeling of a warm, soft towel after a hot bath. Which is probably all of us.

2. Alpaca Wool Blanket

Made out of Alpaca wool sourced from the steep slopes of the Andes in Peru, and woven in the hills of Donegal, this blanket is as cozy as it is artful. Woven from one of the most luxurious fibres in the world, softer than cashmere and warmer than sheep’s wool, this Alpaca blanket contains zero lanolin; therefore, making it non-itching and hypoallergenic. We can’t think of much else we’d rather do during the cold winter months than find a cozy nook with a warm blanket and cup of tea.

3. Girard Rug

The Girard rug is a handcrafted piece, built to withstand heavy foot traffic while maintaining its shape and rich colour. We like to imagine it as the perfect place to daydream while washing dishes – making a mundane task just a little more enjoyable.

4. Woven Grass Floor Basket

Handwoven by local artisans in Ghana, and made out of sturdy elephant grass, these floor baskets are strong, durable, and beautiful. Store blankets, pillows, toys, and just about anything else with ease. A little texture goes a long way.

5. Bolga Basket

Know someone who could use a basket that’s just as reliable and durable as it is convenient? The Bolga Basket is great for toting books, blankets, or groceries, and its composition of Elephant Grass and leather makes it both sturdy and beautiful.

6. Handwoven Cotton Throw

The nice thing about throw blankets is you can never have too many. Natural and lightweight with a bold black stripe, this handwoven cotton throw would complement any room in any home as an accent piece on the couch, the foot of your bed, or even for lounging in the sun when those days return.

7. Canvas Work Apron

Because of their versatility and usability during so many daily tasks, our canvas work apron remains one of our most-loved pieces. This pure cotton, cross-back apron is both stylish and utilitarian, and designed to fit all body types. Featuring wide front pockets, it is ideal for working in the garden, kitchen, or studio. Each apron is soft-washed for added comfort.

8. Half Wall Organizer

For the minimalist on your list, this half-sized wall organizer is made with small spaces and practical storage in mind. The heavy-gauge cotton canvas, copper rivets, and 20 durable compartments make being tidy in a tiny place a breeze.

9. Turkish Blanket

Don’t worry about finding a gift that matches their interiors with our ever so versatile Leonie Turkish Blanket. Hand loomed in Turkey, this cream coloured, oversized blanket will add warmth and texture to any space, while matching any décor.

10. Provincial Woven Backpack

A classic and timeless French market backpack will bring ease to market visits and picnics alike. Equipped with straps for easy carrying, this basket fits comfortably over the shoulder for carrying heavier items and the practical among us will appreciate its beauty as well as its practicality.

We hope this season brings you a moment to stop and appreciate the people in your life who bring you joy and love. We also hope this guide is a useful tool to create memorable moments and give gifts with thought and care.

Merry Christmas!

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