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the anatomy of a picnic

the anatomy of a picnic

A picnic is so much more than a meal taken outside. It is a simple, blissful, and pleasurable state of being. A moment in time underscored by its fine company, delicious treats, and a beautiful sunny sky.

It’s no secret that we are big fans of ‘the picnic’ here at JUNE. And what better time than summertime to indulge in a bit of an ode to the picnic ? We’ve dissected what we feel are the most important components of picnicking for you so that you can leap into the season head first!

The Essential Companions

First things first: you need a basket! Baskets are ideal because they are lightweight, structured, and tend to have a lot of room for goodies. We love our paysanne basket for picnicking, however, if you need something a bit more generous in size our market basket backpack or french market tote will absolutely do the trick!

Next up, you’ll need a blanket for lounging! As much as we love feeling the grass beneath our feet, having a large cotton blanket to lounge around on will elevate your afternoon to an optimal level of comfort. Our tranquil blanket is one of our go-to’s because of its generous size; it’s perfect for a picnic with friends. Of course, the picnic blanket is another ideal option as it folds up into a conveniently compact size and is easily transportable with its leather strap.

A Considered Spread

Creating a delicious spread is all in the details. Pop by your local marketplace and consider selecting:

  • A few seasonal fruits (think pears, cherries, ground cherries… really, anything that piques your interest is the perfect choice).
  • A fresh baguette and crackers for substance and crunch.
  • A small selection of cheeses (but don’t go overboard here as they’ll have to be refrigerated if you don’t finish them!) alongside a few cured and salted meats (which are ideal as they don’t need to be refrigerated!)
  • Olives or another pickled treat are a classic addition and easy to pick at throughout the afternoon.
  • A preserve or jam to balance the savoury selection of treats.
  • An icy beverage never goes amiss; think a light rosé, sparkling lemonade, or homemade iced tea.

The Company You Keep

While picnics are oftentimes an ideal time to reconnect with family and friends under a gorgeous summer sky, they are also a wonderful opportunity to carve out some time for yourself. After all, sometimes the best company is found within the pages of your latest novel. Tuck a book into your basket, catch some shade under a big tree, and enjoy the blissful solitude of a solo picnic.

And there you have it! It really is as simple as that. We hope you take every opportunity that’s presented to you this season to get outside and enjoy a meal in the fresh air.

Because in truth, there are many things in life that we don’t know or understand, but we do know this: having a picnic on a beautiful day is always a good idea.

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