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Milieu: Chalk White Arrows

Milieu: Chalk White Arrows

Milieu is a series that explores the unique ways in which we breathe life into our homes. From coastal towns to city living, our homes are a celebration of small, simple moments. They’re a reflection of our lives. Our stories. Our milieu.

For our latest feature, we interview content creator and interior designer Sara Charlesworth. We explore her beautifully renovated, 110 year old home in Salt Lake City. A home filled with unique decor and pops of colour that will be sure to brighten your day!

First off, please, introduce yourself!
Hi! I’m Sara Charlesworth. I live in SLC, UT with my husband and two kids. I’m an interior designer, content creator, TV and Coffee addict, and have an addiction to home design.

How long have you been living in your home?
We bought this home 2 years ago and moved in 5 months later.

Can you tell us a bit about your home?

It was built in 1913 and has lots of old charm. It’s two bedroom and two bath and just under 1300 sq ft.

What did you find most challenging about living/designing/decorating in your home?

The most challenging room for me to design was oddly the entryway. It took me almost a year to figure out … But it’s finally becoming what I envisioned.

Any basic (or unconventional?) tips for space saving that you lean into?

Lots of baskets and storage that can grow and change. To be honest our home is in desperate need of a good organizing at the moment.

What is one of your favourite things about where you live in spring/summer time?

I love all large trees in our neighborhood which makes walks really enjoyable. Also, Lots of parks nearby for picnics. I also love the way the light shines in our home in the late spring and early summer.

What are some of your favourite ways to welcome spring into your space? 
Love bringing in lots of branches and greenery. I also love to go to farmers markets every weekend and just love having lots of bowls of summer fruit spread around the house.

When it comes to adorning your home, how would you describe your personal style? 
Cosy, lived in, heavy British/Swedish/Italian influence, mix of old and new, lots of waves and soft lines/ whimsical touches.

Do you have a favourite room or viewpoint in your home that you tend to gravitate toward?

I really don’t have a favorite or maybe I should say my favorite changes depending on the day/week.

Who or what are some of your biggest design inspirations?

My favorite sources for inspiration are Design books (nothing better than flipping through a favorite design book)… My current favorites are, Beata Heuman Every Room Should Sing, Great Escapes Italy, The Essential House Book, and British Designers at Home. Also love looking through Pinterest, and Instagram.

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