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how to warm your space without adjusting the heat

how to warm your space without adjusting the heat

As the leaves flutter down from the trees and we marvel at the golden autumnal canvas outside our windows, we are also reminded of what lies ahead: colder days and longer nights.

Now, as much as we adore these cooler months (seriously, what’s not to love about sweater weather?), we also love seeking warmth (cue, sweaters for sweater weather!). And in our minds, warmth can be found in more forms than the number on your thermostat. So, from our team of warmth seekers to yours, we have created a list of our top 6 ways we like to keep warm all season long, without turning up the heat.

1. Simmer Pots

Captivate your senses with a seasonal simmer pot. It’s a simple and yet beautifully encompassing way to radiate warmth throughout your space.

Simply begin by adding your chosen ingredients to a pot. Next, add water (enough to cover the ingredients by at least an inch) and then bring to a boil. Once the water is boiling, reduce the heat low enough to allow the mixture to simmer slowly on the stovetop. It can take as few as 5 minutes for the aroma of your simmer pot to begin filling your space.

This is the recipe we’ve been circling back to, but we encourage you to experiment and figure out what inspires warmth for you this season.

1 lemon (sliced, or simply use the peels)
1 orange (sliced, or simply use the peels)
2 bay leaves
3 cinnamon sticks
1 tablespoon of whole cloves

2. Layer Up

If we’ve learned anything from prairie winters, it’s the value of layers. At every level. Here are a few that we always incorporate:

Wear a pair of woollen socks underneath your slippers; it adds an extra layer of insulation which can be very helpful for keeping your toes warm – especially supportive if you have any trouble with circulation.

Drape wool blankets (the more the merrier!) across your sofa to snuggle up with while reading or catching up on your favourite show.

Try laying softly woven cushions or sheepskins across wooden chairs and benches.

Swap lightweight peshtemals for plush cotton towels in your bathroom.

Place an extra wool blanket or heavy cotton quilt at the end of your bed for weighted comfort to help warm your toes overnight.

Utilize woven, wool rugs on hardwood floors for soft, comforting steps.

3. Tuck yourself in

Cocoon yourself in comfort overnight by tightly tucking in the corners of your sheets; it will help trap the warm air inside so that you can stay toasty all night long. Another go-to tip (grandmother’s recommendation!) is to add a wool blanket over your mattress but underneath your fitted sheet. Similarly to adding a warm base layer to outdoor attire, adding the wool blanket underneath the rest of your bedding keeps your entire bed warm by keeping your core body temperature insulated all night long. Let us know how it works for you!

4. Hot Drinks

Whether you’re team Pumpkin Spice or team won’t-touch-that-with-a-ten-foot-pole, there’s no denying that beginning and ending the day with a hot seasonal beverage is a great way to bookend it in warmth. Currently, we’re enjoying sipping a spicy chai latte (or Bengal spice tea if it’s past 4 pm; similar blend but without the caffeine!). Spices like cinnamon, ginger, and cardamom have a natural warming effect on our bodies by inspiring blood circulation, which in turn helps keep us warm. So, while chai tea lattes taste deliciously seasonal, they also have a literal impact on keeping us toasty.

5. Warm Foods

When the weather cools, our bodies naturally crave warmth. A wonderful way to satiate that craving is by feeding our bodies warm, nourishing foods. Slow-cooked stews with root vegetables and warming spices, roasted vegetables on beds of nourishing grains, fruit crumble made from the last of the local apple trees… let the scents and sounds of these slow-cooked dishes fill your space and bodies for a holistic warming effect.

6. Candles

More candles, always! Whether you’re a fan of scented candles or if you prefer the subtly of beeswax , placing candles around your space is one of the simplest and most effective ways to invite warmth to stick around this season. Between the soft glow radiating from the flickering flame, or the literal warmth emitted from the candle, they will always tip the warm and cosy scale in your favour. We tend to air on the side of ‘less is more’ when it comes to many things house-related, but we may make an exception for candlelight…

What are your favourite ways to stay warm throughout the fall and winter months?

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