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Autumn Lookbook: Ease into Autumn

Autumn Lookbook: Ease into Autumn

We embrace the arrival of autumn with open arms, relishing in moments spent cozied up by the fireplace, savouring the warmth and vibrant transformation of the season.

A look inside our new Fall Collection.

Inspired by the gentle art of easing into autumn. 


Our new Fall Collection captures the essence of the season with a blend of warm, earthy tones and exquisite craftsmanship.

From fine wool throw blankets, to rustic-inspired candle holders, and tablecloths adorned with intricate leaf patterns; Each piece was thoughtfully chosen to adorn your space with the inviting spirit of autumn.

Autumn is a season for introspection and reflection. As the leaves fall, one can't help but think of the passage of time, reminiscing about the warm days of summer now fading into memory. 

Autumn is also a transitional season, a bridge between the abundance of summer and the stillness of winter. 

 In this contemplative time, we gather our thoughts, and set goals for the coming months. 


We lean into this beautifully balanced season of reflection and anticipation, a time to embrace change and prepare for the unknown adventures that winter will bring.

Rooted in the ethos of unhurried living, our new Fall Collection invites you to embrace your space in the gentle rhythms of fall.


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