kamoshika ceramic kettle - black


This ceramic kettle will gently boil water for your next cup of tea or coffee. The heat-resistant ceramic and far-infrared effect heats the water slowly, allowing it to boil the water in the most mellow and gentle way.

Each kettle is accented with a brass handle, adding an air of elegance to the minimalistic design. Lightweight and designed for ease of use, perfectly suited for the everyday.

Available in black or white.

*Note: brass handle and lid may become hot while heating, use oven mitt to handle. *

Pottery clay

22.5cm W (19.5cm D) x 20cm H (12.5cm H body)
Capacity 1.8L

Care instructions:
Can be used on a ceramic cooktop, gas stovetop, or open flame. Will not work with induction stovetops.

Made in Japan