Ito Bindery Drawing Pad


These Kraft Drawing Pads are made using kraft paper that is left unbleached during the paper making process. This strong paper has a unique pulp-like texture that artists and other creatives are sure to love! It’s perfect not only for sketching, but also for crafting.

ITO BINDERY originally started as a bookbinding facility in 1938 in Tokyo Japan, but had to reinvent itself over the years as bounded books became less in demand due the rise in popularity of electronic books.

Third generation president Masaki Ito and grandson of the founder, used their master-craft binding techniques as well as their rich history and background to produce high-quality, precisely hand-cut and bound drawing pads and memo blocks. Winner of the prestigious Good Design award, the pads have gathered a cult following worldwide and are used by executives and are sold in New York’s famous MoMA's Store.

Each pad contains 70 sheets.

Material: Kraft paper

Made in Japan