motoshige mortar and pestle - medium


Make quick work of mashing and muddling seeds, leaves and spices with this traditional Japanese mortar and pestle. This modern example was designed in an effort to bring traditional handicrafts to modern kitchens and is beautiful enough to double as a serving vessel. This suribachi features a silicone base to prevent slipping while in use.

A suribachi is a sturdy Japanese mortar with an unglazed interior that features many small groves that help mash and bruise seeds, herbs, and spices more efficiently than a smooth surface. These ridges (called kushi no me) bring out subtle aromatic compounds when gently pounded with a wooden pestle, or surikogi.

6" Diameter x 4" H

Materials: Ceramic, silicone rubber (base), wooden pestle

Care: While the mortar is microwave and dishwasher safe, we suggest hand washing with mild soap and a soft brush. Dry both the mortar and pestle thoroughly prior to storage.

Made in Japan