Handmade Outdoor Broom


Inspired by the beautiful and durable coconut tree, these brooms are built to last. Handcrafted from the stiff yet flexible midrib of the coconut palm frond, woven together with the coir of the coconut and finished with the coconut shell, these brooms are as heavy-duty as they are lightweight.

With a simple sweep, the all-natural and eco-friendly broom can power through leaves, gravel, sand, light snow, pine needles, seeds and any other debris that you find yourself inspired to tidy. With its sleek and nimble design, you'll find yourself tidying up any cracks and crevices with ease and efficiency.

Beautiful to behold and a joy to use, these brooms will become a household favourite for years.

Measurements: 55" L x 13" W x 2.5" D | 139.7cm L x 33cm W x 6.35cm W

Materials: Coconut palm fronds, coconut coir, coconut shell

Handcrafted in Sri Lanka