pot trivet


Simple and elegant, this delicately woven trivet will be a welcome accompaniment to your next meal; the kind of table accent that elevates your tablescape and one that you won't be in a hurry to put away . Use alongside hot skillets, pots, bowls, or kettles.

Made with carex, a natural material that has been utilized in Japan for many years. Carex is a heat-resistant material that is highly waterproof and breathable. When water falls on it, the water-repellent fibres repel it, and if there is too much moisture, the woven Carex swells up to keep it inside until it is dry, returning the carex to its normal shape and allowing the air to flow again.

Carex - the genus of grasslike plants, often referred to as sedges.

16.5cm D x 1cm H

Care instructions:
Avoid washing directly with water. Although carex has a natural water-repellent effect, it is best to wipe stains with a wet cloth. There will be some discolouration with use, but this is the beauty of using natural products; they shift and change alongside you.

Woven in Japan