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Why We Created a Look Book: Our Love Affair with Print

Why We Created a Look Book: Our Love Affair with Print

Print has an allure that can't be denied, even in the era of e-books and iPhones.

While we always have a lot on the go with our online and storefront location at this time of year – we also had a vision to bring you something special. Something that means a lot to us and to you.

A simple thank you and – hopefully – something you’ll keep.

We created a look book. And not only did we create this documentation of some of our favourite, curated pieces, we also printed it. On paper.

For a small company that grew from the wonders of the internet and e-commerce, it might seem like a funny project to embark on, but we’ve had a love affair with print for as long as we can remember.

We love perusing vintage shops and finding old postcards and magazines from bygone eras. And we’re also the kind to pick up a well-designed flyer lying on a countertop at one of our favourite coffee shops.

Print has an allure that can’t be denied, even in the era of e-books and iPhones.

We think that one of the main reasons that we (and many others) enjoy reading and looking through printed pieces is because of the overload of smartphones and screens in general.

They’re hard on our eyes, and we squint all day long, reading tiny news articles on tiny screens and scrolling through a seemingly endless loop of photos on our phones

We scroll in grocery store aisles, in doctor’s waiting rooms, and we scroll in bed or while we’re watching TV.

It’s a habit that’s hard to break, but we’ve found one of the most effective ways to loosen our grip on our phones is by picking up a book, and flipping through physical pages – all the while looking at text that isn’t backlit with electronic lights.

There’s something about this act – in an era such as the one we currently live – that is almost sacred.

Our printed lookbook is filled with photos by one of our favourite photographers, Gillian Stevens, who took photos in Tara Hurst’s beautiful home in Victoria, British Columbia of some of our favourite June goods.

Each photo was carefully styled a shot with natural sunlight in a real person’s home, who uses these items on a daily basis.

Blankets are purposefully thrown over reading chairs. Tea is carefully set on a countertop. Dinner is artfully but casually laid on a full table with handmade pottery dishes. These images are meant to be enjoyed and considered.

With each June purchase made this Christmas, we’re including a look book for your enjoyment.

We hope you’ll put down your phone and pick up a good cup of coffee and this book and look through each page just for the enjoyment of turning the pages and taking in the photos.

Wishing you the happiest and slowest of holiday seasons.

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