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Top 5 Well-Loved Pieces

Top 5 Well-Loved Pieces

The objects that surround us and that are present in our everyday are not always perfect, and at times, even their functionality comes into question. However, we have grown to love and appreciate their stories and imperfections in our lives. We are celebrating 5 pieces (some collections) that we hope stay with us for many more years to come.


We purchased this kettle online over eight years ago and we still use it every morning for a pour-over coffee or a cup of tea in the evening. It certainly isn’t the highest quality kettle – in fact the metal handle gets so hot that we need to use a tea towel to hold it! Regardless, we love this piece and it never leaves our stovetop.


Joel: Early in my career working as a chef, I developed an affinity for Japanese knives and slowly began collecting them. This 9” Masamoto Virgin Carbon Steel Gyutou was my first find and is still my favourite to this day. It was purchased at Korin Japanese Knives in NYC back in 2011 while we were on a family trip. While everyone was out buying clothing and souvenirs, I was buying kitchen knives! I’ve used this knife for many years in professional kitchens and now it’s my go-to blade at home. The carbon steel blade has developed a beautiful patina over the years and still maintains its edge.


We’ve had this piece since about 2013 – it was made by hand by Danielle’s dad for our kids so that they could reach the bathroom sink. Composed of quarter sawn fur boards salvaged from old high school bleachers where he worked. The design is simple and practical, accented subtle dovetail joints.

This stool has lived in our bathroom for many years, but now that the kids are tall enough to reach the sink, it has taken a proud place just up the stairs. A perfect surface. The legs have incurred a few nicks and dents with each step up, but we love how it is beginning to look worn and well-used.

This piece is one-of-a-kind, and is sure to stay in the family forever.


Our collection of ceramics is accessed everyday from a well-worn shelf in our kitchen. Each piece is a random, yet unique find – discovered in antique stores, thrift stores and farmers markets. We’ve collected them here and there over the past 10 years and slowly keep adding to the lot purposefully, as we come across special pieces that often call to us.

Each shape, texture, colour and finish tell a different story of their process and use – this is what makes them all so amazing.


Relatively new to our home, we’ve had this blanket for just over one year. This warming piece was discovered in a small shop while visiting a castle in Kendal, England in 2017 – it is made of virgin merino wool from the UK. This blanket lives on the couch or on the foot of the bed, and makes its way around us during every season – but especially as the evenings and mornings get cooler at this time of year.

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