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The Art of the Perfect Picnic

The Art of the Perfect Picnic

For the perfect picnic, make sure to create a balanced palette of flavours.

The idea of planning a day at the park with a beautiful picnic and delicious treats can feel like a daunting task when we often spend the week eating on-the-go between activities.

But planning a simple picnic isn’t as hard as it sounds.

All it takes is a little planning and you’ll have a beautiful, picturesque outdoor meal with very little complication. And it’s a wonderful opportunity to enjoy food together with family and friends.

When we go on a picnic we almost always bring a combination of ingredients for a delicious cheeseboard and an assortment of meat and bread. These items pack up easily and as a bonus, you can eat them without a fork and knife! We also try to combine salty and sweet with things like fruit and olives to create a balanced palette of flavours.

To create the perfect, simple picnic we pack an array of some of these delicious items:

1. A simple, chilled beverage. Something sparkling and fizzy like a Rosé is always refreshing.

2. A baguette and artisanal crackers for a little crunch.

3. Selection of 2-3 cheeses from your favourite local cheese shop.

4. A variety of cured meats (genoa, prosciutto, dry sausage, etc.) – these salty favourites are the perfect option for an outdoor meal as they don’t need to be stored in the fridge.

5. Olives or something pickled (another salty option).

6. Some kind of preserve or jam that will add a nice balance to all the other salty items!

7. Seasonal fruit like apricots, berries, goose berries, pears, and anything else you can pick up at the farmer’s market.

These are some of our go-tos for a picnic that’s easy to put together and easy to eat while lounging in the grass.

We also love the chance to use our favourite picnic basket and blanket to make a simple picnic feel extra relaxing and special.

Picnics are definitely one of our favourite summer activities and we love the opportunity to reconnect with our family and the outdoors. It feels like a true escape even if we’re just at a nearby park or green space.

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