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Supplier Profile: Prairie Breeze Folk Arts Studio

Supplier Profile: Prairie Breeze Folk Arts Studio

Made in the heart of the Canadian Prairies, Prairie Breeze Folk Arts Studio creates beautiful, handmade brooms and brushes that are crafted to not only clean but also to adorn your home.

We wanted to learn more about the Maker behind the brooms, Amina, and her journey to creating these unique pieces, so we asked her a few questions about how she got her start into broom making.

How did you become interested in brooms and broom-making?

I visited a small broom maker on Granville Island in B.C. where I discovered beautiful and practical handmade brooms. I started collecting and soon wanted to explore creating my own brooms. It actually started as a desire for more colour options!

I took professional training from other broom makers to learn the craft. But it came very naturally to me. I’ve always been good at looking at something and being able to replicate it. I see broom making as an art when done correctly.

What does home mean to you, and how do brooms fit into your concept of home?

To me, a home is meant for personal expression and accessorizing with pieces that are special and unique. I love that my brooms work as practical tools AND conversation starters.

What is your creative process when making a broom?

First I start with material selection. I partner with local suppliers to make sure that I have the highest quality raw materials. I also supply some of my own materials through another channel of my business, my acreage. All of my brooms are made from broomcornstalks and sorghum.

Then I prepare the raw materials. Next I start to create the structure/shape of the broom and fasten it to a handle or bind.

Next is the drying stage to allow the materials to settle. I finish each broom off by stitching or sewing and by flattening and shaping the broom into the classic shape that we all know! In total it takes about 4-5 days for one of my larger brooms.

What is your favourite broom style?

My favourite is the sailor broom, inspired by life at sea. All of my brooms are inspired by a particular use or place in the world. The Rad broom was designed to get at dust and debris that builds up between the cast iron fins of a hot water radiator.

With an item as practical as a broom, we love that these unique tools are created with the intent and purpose of serving as a useful household item while also being displayed as something beautiful and attractive. Lovingly referred to as ‘generational brooms’, they will truly stand the test of time.

Shop our favourite brooms, created by Amina, and perfect for displaying and tidying your home!

traditional handmade corn broom

This traditional, handmade corn broom can be used on any surface and is a perfect choice for indoor or outdoor living spaces; ideal for floors of wood, tile, marble, or sidewalks, decks, and porches. The head of the broom is stitched flat in the design pioneered by the Shakers, and is attached to the handle with a decorative weave of broomcorn stalks.

handmade whisk corn broom

The Whisk Corn Broom features a durable and intricately woven handle, with an angled sweep. This broom will get at those hard-to-reach places in your home, as well as being a great tool for outside spaces.

handmade sailor corn broom

Like its name, the Sailor Broom comes from the sailing tradition of making brooms on rope. It is easy to store and great for use in small spaces. It has a long sweep and can be used to sweep the floor, walls or ceiling.

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