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Recipe: Citrus + Thyme Disinfectant Spray

Recipe: Citrus + Thyme Disinfectant Spray

In moments of uncertainty, we rest on the things we can do – not the things we can’t.

In the powerlessness of something that is affecting the entire world, we know there’s an overload of information, thoughts, suspicions, fears, and every other emotion.

We wanted to offer our support and show our care for you by providing you with something concrete that you can do from the comfort of your home.

When the only thing we can do is stay home and stay safe, we thought this useful recipe for a disinfectant spray would be a much needed distraction as it’s something you can make and use right now.

This spray features citrus peels which are naturally anti-viral and anti-bacterial as well as thyme which is naturally anti-septic.

When making a disinfectant it’s important to have an isopropyl/rubbing alcohol content of at least 70% to specifically kill the Covid-19 virus.


1 1/2 cups isopropyl/rubbing alcohol (70-90%)
1/4 cup white vinegar
1/4 water (omit if alcohol is less than 90% strength)
Peels from 2 grapefruits
Peels from 2 lemons
10-15 thyme sprigs
30 drop of orange essential oil (optional)


  1. Peel grapefruits and lemons making sure peels are clean and free of fruit.
  2. Place peels in a clean jar.
  3. Add sprigs of thyme.
  4. Pour rubbing alcohol, vinegar and water into jar making sure to cover the peels and thyme.
  5. Add drops of orange essential oil.
  6. Let the mixture sit for at least a week for all ingredients to infuse properly.
  7. Pour the liquid into a new jar or bowl while straining out the peels and thyme.
  8. Transfer the strained liquid into a spray bottle.
Note: If you’d like to use the mixture right away you can omit the citrus peels and thyme. The rubbing alcohol/vinegar mixture will be sufficient to properly disinfect surfaces.

As you’ve heard so many times before and will hear again, we encourage you to stay home and protect those around you during these uncertain times.

We’re right here with you.

Find peace and stay well.

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