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Our Visit to Cotswold Farm Hideaway

Our Visit to Cotswold Farm Hideaway

The English countryside getaway of our dreams.

It already feels like a lifetime ago with all the busyness of fall, but in August, we spent a blissful few weeks in England.

It was a welcome getaway for our family and gave us time to reconnect with ourselves and with each other.

One of the most anticipated parts of our trip was a stay at Cotswold Farm Hideaway – a destination we’ve been dreaming about for years!

The cottage is found in a valley near the small town of Alderley, Gloucestershire and is situated at the very end of a typically narrow, winding country road with sheep and pastures on either side to greet you.

We held our breath as we rounded the bend in the road as we approached the sweetest cottage nestled in the rolling hills.

It’s hard to overstate how much we enjoyed our stay at this quaint, perfect, country cottage.

Not only did it live up to our fantasies of a week away in the English countryside, but it was so much more. Our hosts gave us an experience beyond compare, offering a personal tour of the property and filling us in on all the careful details that they put into the cottage where we stayed.

Once we settled in, we noticed how quiet and peaceful it was even with the constant chorus of sheep bleating in the neighbouring fields which was surprisingly soothing!

The time we spent at the cottage was such a gift. Inside, it was spacious and incredibly cozy. We used the large stone fireplace which was original to the cottage every night. We played games with the kids, drank tea, and we talked and dreamed into the wee hours of the night.

We’re pretty sure we’re going to have to have an old stone fireplace installed in our house now, too.

Each day, we headed to the local market in the neighboring town of Tetbury and enjoyed preparing home cooked meals in the cottage’s custom DeVol kitchen.

Shopping at the market and cooking each evening made it feel like we were almost one of the locals! It wasn’t too hard imagining living in a place as beautiful as Cotswold. We even joked that maybe it was time for a second June location!

We also spent some time exploring the surrounding pastures with a tour from the land owner (Judith), and we got to meet some of the goats and farm animals living on the property.

We even fed some swans in the nearby lake which interestingly belong to the Queen of England.

Truly the most English experience of all!

Of course, one of the highlights for us was the incredible decor and mixture of old and new inside the cottage where we stayed.

The bedrooms were incredibly cozy, all outfitted with the softest linen bedding – just what you’d expect from such a gorgeous space.

Even the bathrooms felt luxurious with each one supplied with a rain shower head, thick, plush white towels and Aesop hand soap and lotion. Our favourite!

We loved spending time around the big farmhouse kitchen and cooking in the the custom DeVol kitchen.

The whole cottage has been maintained so that it feels quaint and vintage but with a touch of modern fixtures and details that work perfectly together.

We’re so grateful to Cotswold Farm Getaway for this chance to stay in such an incredible cottage in one of our favourite places.

We’ll cherish the memories made here for a long time. And our kitchen renovation may just get some tweaking after this lovely cottage stay.

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