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lookbook: the art of quiet living

lookbook: the art of quiet living

“Love art in yourself, not yourself in the art.”

– Konstantin Stanislavski

We accent our homes with gentle simplicity;

Design our spaces to suit our worlds.

The art of living.

The ritual of domesticity.

What is ritual but the art of living?

Delicate routines we enact to feel the ground beneath our feet;

The pen within our grasp;

Words brought to life from the page to our lips to our ears and our spaces.

A sensory reminder that we are present.

We exist here.

In our dwellings;

Within each of our four walls;

Beside windowsills and countertops, between soft cushions and decorated hallways.

We live. We move. We find stillness.

We breathe life into our homes and in turn, they become a reflection of ourselves, our lives.

And what could be more beautiful than the art that dwells within us?

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