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lindsay's holiday gift guide: for the well-appointed desk

lindsay's holiday gift guide: for the well-appointed desk

The holiday season can feel a bit overwhelming at times – we get it!
In an effort to ease the overwhelm of gift-giving, our team has put together a series of gift guides to help with even the trickiest of folks on your list. Our next gift guide for the season has been curated by Lindsay; lover of all things paper and pens, she is our go-to for any workspace related essentials.

There is something oh, so satisfying about an organized desk; simple, streamlined and decorated with treasures that inspire you to put pen to paper. Reaching for that favourite pen to scribble down a to-do list so that your brain can settle into the busy week ahead; making a conscious effort to journal more frequently because you always feel better when you make space for said habit; writing a letter to a loved one on cardstock specially selected with them in mind.

Having the right tools at your fingertips sparks joy in the most simple of ways. You need only sit down at your desk to find it.

As a self-identified stationery enthusiast, I’ve curated a selection of goodies that I have a feeling will strike a chord with anyone on your list who shares this love of a simple, well-appointed desk.

Brass pencil

I’ve had my brass pencil for several years now and it is still my absolute favourite – it goes with me everywhere (thanks in part to its sturdy side clip!). The brass feels timeless and its sleek design never ceases to impress. The HB graphite pencil also rolls with the top pencil brands (seriously, resident stationery-nerd, here!) while the eraser lasts forever and is easily replaceable when the time comes. Overall, this pencil is fit for a lifetime of doodles and to-do lists – best pencil I’ve ever come across. Find it here .

MD notebook – blank

Dare I say, this notebook is perfect? It’s sewn down the middle, ensuring the notebook lies flat no matter how far through the book you are and its creamy pages are both aesthetically pleasing and smooth as can be. This notebook will have you searching for something to write about because it’s that enjoyable to write in! The paper was developed especially for fountain pens, which make it incredibly versatile: markers, fountain pen ink, pencils… they’re all well-suited to fill its pages. Find it here .

For those intimidated by a book full of blank pages: I’d highly recommend the lined version of this notebook. Equally as delightful. Find it here .

Brass tray oval – small

A classic catch-all for your pens, paperclips, letters, and odds and ends. Personally, I love having a small tray on my desk – it helps eliminate clutter and keeps me organized; an aesthetic that never goes out of style. Additionally, how beautiful will this tray look as a home for that new brass pencil…! Find it here .

MD leather notebook cover

Some of my favourite personal effects are the ones that change over the years alongside me. These leather notebook covers are a perfect example: I’ve had mine for several years, have taken it on multiple adventures, and feel it is even more beautiful than the day I got it. It’s a reflection of those adventures; of ideas scribbled down in a local cafe, of a workshop taken in a city far away from home, and most importantly it is a reflection of a cherished friend who gifted it to me several years ago. Find it here .

Appointed artist pad

This sketchpad hits all the right notes. Its water-resistant clothbound cover and sturdy kraft backing make it a wonderful candidate to take with you on the go. The heavy pages hold up to a variety of mediums and each page is perforated, should you wish to remove it cleanly from the book. The gold detailing also deserves a nod… It’s all in the details, after all! And this sketchpad is all about the details. Find it here .

Table brush

Pencil shavings and eraser dust, be gone! (Truly, is there anything worse than accidentally smearing pencil graphite across an otherwise clean page?) Keep your workspace neat and tidy with a practical and beautifully designed table brush. I love the way the brush sits neatly into its little dustpan so the entire piece can be housed on a nearby hook or peg rail as it’s way too pretty to sit hidden away in a drawer someplace! Find it here .

Hasami mug – natural

Everyone has a favourite mug. In my humble opinion: it should be this one. The details present in the design are genuinely timeless. Its natural porcelain finish is earthy, yet refined; its symmetrical lines are pleasing without feeling rigid; the porcelain is delicate without feeling like it could shatter in your hands. It holds the perfect amount of liquid and fits perfectly into your hands… to put it simply: this is the perfect mug. Find it here .


Every desk needs a candle. (You can quote me on that.) Whether you’re working from home throughout the day or writing a paper late into the night, the warm glow of a candle always brings an element of calm and cosy to your workspace. Brooklyn Candle Co. have a beautiful way of crafting candles with complex and dreamy fragrance profiles while their minimalist design invites you to happily keep it on display, even when it’s not alight. Italia is one of my personal favourites for fragrance, however, it’s tied for first place with our new wide beeswax taper candles, as sometimes I prefer an unscented glow.

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