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Heirloom Ornaments: A Collection to Pass Down

Heirloom Ornaments: A Collection to Pass Down

As we slowly unpack our boxes of holiday ornaments and decorations, there’s always the inevitable box of not-so-perfect but still nostalgic Christmas ornaments and tree decor that makes decorating for the holidays so memorable and full of joy.

The pieces created in childhood classrooms. The pinecones with a loop of yarn made during craft time. The misshapen clay ornament crafted with care by a little one. The ornament that just made sense when purchased on a trip to Disney world 20 years ago.

We could go on.

There’s something truly wonderful about decorating the tree with baubles full of meaning and sentiment – and whether those ornaments are objectively beautiful or simply hold a dear memory, we think that the idea of long-lasting, heirloom pieces make the holidays extra special.

We wanted to share a little more about the pieces we’ve added to our Winter Shop that have been crafted with care. We hope that they remain nestled in your Christmas decor boxes year after year, to emerge and brighten your home every holiday season.

Tree Toppers

For many of us growing up, it was always a great honour (and possibly one fought over with siblings) to place the angel or star on top of the Christmas tree.

There’s something about that final touch after an evening spent decorating the tree that really seems to herald the start of the holiday season.

We’ve curated our favourite collection of tree toppers from makers around the world who have carefully crafted these pieces to last for years to come and adorn the very top of your tree.

Tree Ornaments

Decorating the Christmas tree is one of our family’s favourite parts of the Christmas season, and we all have our favourite ornaments to add to the tree.

Each year as we search for unique vendors and makers for our Winter Shop, we’re always thrilled to come across those who are like-minded in the way they craft their beautiful, heirloom ornaments.

This year, one of our favourites in the shop is our collection of glass ornaments. Each bauble is delicately hand blown by local Winnipeg artist Brook Drabot. She crafts each one out of borosilicate, a highly durable, strong glass that will last through years of jostling around the tree. Because Brook makes each piece by hand, every single ornament is unique and special to your tree.

Christmas Decor

Besides tree decorating, there are a host of other ways to make your home feel festive and bright for the holiday season.

Handmade in the UK, our beautiful collection of wooden trees add warmth and cheer wherever you plant them. Each tree is individually hand-turned on a lathe and is made from a variety of woods. Just like the trees in your backyard or a nearby park, no two trees are the same. These wooden trees have their own uniqueness and character which makes each of them extra charming in their own way.

Stockings are another Christmas favourite when it comes to traditions and excitement on Christmas morning. Our linen stockings offer charm and simplicity and look just right over the mantle.

Every year, our beechwood garland is pulled out to wrap around our tree and give it that touch of warmth and homeyness to a tree decked out in lights and ornaments.

And finally, Noah Bells are perfect over a doorway, in a wreath, or really anywhere you choose to put them giving a sense of weathered charm where you place them.

Each year as you pull out your boxes of Christmas decorations we hope you spend some time reliving the memories and joy of the season.

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