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Get Your Hands Dirty

Get Your Hands Dirty

Why Gardening is Good for the Soul

My garden is my most beautiful masterpiece.

Claude Monet

As the weather continues to warm and the ground slowly thaws, we’re starting to think about getting outside and getting our garden ready for summer.

Every year we love planting both healthy green things to eat and flowers to brighten up our yard.

But gardening is more than just a fun hobby – it’s also a way to reduce stress and ease anxiety. And during a time when most of our plans for the summer are starting to look a lot different because of Covid-19, we think that the benefits of gardening could provide some much needed respite form the daily stress of the unknown.

One of the main benefits of getting your hands dirty in the garden is actually simply the act of getting dirty. Bacteria that live in the dirt have been proven to increase levels of serotonin simply by inhaling the smell. And who doesn’t love the smell of fresh soil?

A bump in serotonin can help ease anxiety and of course, fresh air has long been touted as a simple remedy to all sorts of ailments.

The other obvious benefit of taking up gardening is the ability that you have to grow something and experience the process of cultivating and caring for your own vegetables. From our experience, there aren’t many things more satisfying than a fresh carrot straight from the garden, pickling our home grown beans, or picking squash off the vine as summer turns to fall.

Certainly not everyone has the space to grow an extensive vegetable garden, but even a small plot or a window box or container can give you the opportunity to grow herbs, spices, chives, or scallions. Simple staples in the kitchen don’t need vast gardens to grow and the satisfaction of your harvest, no matter how big can help to bring a sense of satisfaction that just can’t compare to going to the grocery store.

Finally, working in the garden through the summer gives your yard or outdoor space a purpose and can bring pure enjoyment from simply stepping outside. Planting flowers or a vegetable garden will bring a sense of life and growth to your yard while also utilizing the space for practical and beautiful growth.

We find that the work we put into our garden encourages us to spend more time outdoors getting the fresh air and sunshine we so desperately need.

Although uncertainty characterizes our lives right now, one thing we know for sure is that planting seeds in soil allows them to grow and gives us a much needed break from the every day stresses of life.

Happy gardening!

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