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Finding Peace at Home: A Guide to Embracing the Cold Winter Months

Finding Peace at Home: A Guide to Embracing the Cold Winter Months

This time of year is truly bitter sweet.

Around our home, we’re still in the thick of winter, with boots, coats, and every wool thing close at hand. It’s sweet to know we have a few months left of cozy evenings to enjoy peaceful times at home, and it’s just a little bit bitter having to wrap our minds around a few more months of avoiding the outdoors.

However, rather than dwelling on what’s to come, we’re focusing on the present and finding ways to enjoy winter evenings, board game nights, and cozying up with a good book while the cold hangs around a little longer.

We wanted to share a few of our favourite ways to find peace and contentment when you’re stuck inside for longer than you like during these frosty winter days.

Some of these ideas are meant to help you find relaxation and a little tranquility. Others are meant to help when you feel like you’d love to jump up and run outside without having to put on coats, mitts, and scarves.

Whatever your struggle, we understand the cabin fever that tends to happen around this time of year. Despite this, we want to put our energy towards enjoying life and simplicity at home rather than bid our time waiting for warmer days.

tea & a good book

There’s truly nothing a good cup of tea can’t fix. During long dark days, putting on a pot and enjoying a nice, earthy herbal tea in the evening before bed is the perfect way to relax and unwind. Paired with your favourite book and a warm blanket , we can’t think of a better combination to embrace your home on a cold night.

a lighted candle

As the sun continues to set early each evening and it can be hard to come to terms with the short days as the winter passes us by, but we’ve found a way to find cozy moments at home with simply a lighted candle to make a family space feel warm and rich.

We love the smell of Lightwell Candle Co.’s Frasier Fir . It smells exactly how the perfect winter candle should smell: deep, rich fir and cedarwood.

tidying up

We all fall prey to the feeling of cabin fever every so often, and when the mood strikes but the weather doesn’t want to cooperate – we tidy. We tidy for ourselves, for our sanity, and for the simple feeling of peace and order that comes when everything is in its place. Folding each blanket , and stacking each basket leaves behind a feeling of productivity and usefulness that we relish – and that hopefully distracts from our longing for spring.

Your home should be your sanctuary during the long winter months and we feel deeply that there’s a homebody in each of us, just waiting to be found. Embrace your home while you dream of spring, and enjoy the here and now during the waiting.

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