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Drinking Chocolate for Midwinter Nights

Drinking Chocolate for Midwinter Nights

We don’t know of a whole lot of solutions for the winter blues (or any sort of blues for that matter) that work more effectively than chocolate.

And when that chocolate is in the form of a rich, velvety hot cocoa or dipping sauce, there are few pleasures greater.

Crafted in Barcelona, Spain, we’re excited to introduce you to Spanish Drinking Chocolate. And we can assure you that the bar for hot chocolate has officially been raised.

This rich and decadent bar has given us warm and cozy evenings to look forward to on the cold prairies and we’re positive it will warm up your home and bring a little bit of sweetness and comfort during the blustery midwinter season.

While you are welcome (and encouraged!) to sip your hot chocolate next to a fireplace under your favourite blanket, Spanish drinking chocolate is also a magnificent dipping sauce! At churrerías throughout the country, patrons lovingly dunk their crispy churros into their tazas full of chocolate.

Melt chocolate in hot milk of your choice to create the perfect traditional hot chocolate from Spain. Ratios of milk to chocolate are according to your own preference, but we’re sharing our favourite recipes below to help you find the perfect consistency for your hot chocolate or sauce.


Spanish Chocolate Recipes


Dipping Chocolate:

  1. Place whole bar in heavy bottom saucepan.
  2. Begin melting on medium to low heat.
  3. Add a few splashes of milk or non-dairy milk alternative (we used oat milk) and whisk continuously until desired consistency is achieved.
  4. Transfer immediately to dipping bowl and enjoy with an array of yummy sidekicks (French palmier cookies, croissants, churros, biscotti, strawberries, etc.)

Drinking Chocolate:

  1. Simply use a 1:1 ratio (1 small square of chocolate : 1 cup milk).
  2. Combine chocolate and milk in a heavy bottom saucepan on medium heat.
  3. Whisk until combined and heat until warm.
  4. Serve immediately, plain or with some of your favourite hot-cocoa toppings.
*Add a pinch of cayenne for a deliciously spicy version.

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