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Dining Al Fresco

Dining Al Fresco

It’s a rare day in our beautiful home on the prairies, when you can actually take a meal from your dining room all the way outside to enjoy. But when that short season arrives, you can find us dining al fresco as much as we possibly can.

There’s plenty of science to back us up too: being outside (in any capacity) increases endorphins, helps improve mood, and boosts Vitamin D. And of course, as we well know, eating intentionally in any setting is better for us. It helps us digest better and gives us the full experience of really seeing, tasting, and experiencing our food.

But of course, the main reason that we love enjoying a meal outside is that it’s truly lovely to feel a breeze on our faces, to look around at the trees and plants around us and to make a meal feel just that little bit more special and out of the ordinary.

We love that sitting outside on a deck or porch while eating can lead to a long evening of good conversation and heartfelt moments. And we love that we can take advantage of our short summers by spending plenty of time outdoors.

Our key to a successful al fresco meal? Be prepared!

If insects are a problem use a coil or other bug repellent to keep away the pests.

Avoid paper plates and plastic cutlery. Not only are they far from environmentally friendly, they’re also more likely to blow away if a strong breeze comes around.

We also recommend keeping your meal from being too fussy or hot – stick with seasonal vegetables and things that can be eaten without being heated.

Lastly, and most importantly, we encourage you to try dining al fresco with plenty of time to relax and enjoy.

Let it be a special occasion, a time to enjoy with loved ones, and a quiet moment to soak in the sun and the outdoors.

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