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danielle's holiday gift guide: for the cosy home

danielle's holiday gift guide: for the cosy home

The holiday season can feel a bit overwhelming at times – we get it!
In an effort to ease the overwhelm of gift-giving, our team has put together a series of gift guides to help with even the trickiest of family members.
Our first guide has been curated by Danielle; JUNE’s resident expert in all things warm and cosy.

I love the word ‘cosy’. Don’t you? A simple four-letter word that conjures such lovely thoughts of warmth, comfort and gently turning inward. While some of us seek thrills and adventure in faraway places, others seek the cocoon and solace of a cosy home; personally, I have always identified with the latter. Sharing a home-cooked meal around the joyful chatter of a dinner table, quietly sipping a cup of tea contemplating the meaning of life, cuddling under a soft blanket with a loved one, nestled deep within the crook of a comfy chair getting lost in a familiar book – these comforting moments and rituals are the cornerstone of a truly cosy home and choosing some key homewares will only serve to elevate them even more!

As a self-professed cosy-enthusiast, I’ve compiled a list of some of my favourite tried and true home goods that are certain to bring even a touch of hygge to all the comfort seekers on your list! So pour yourself a cup of tea, get extra comfy and read on!

Cotton Striped Quilt

There is little more enjoyable than crawling into a soft, warm bed to melt away the stress of a long day. But choosing the proper bed accoutrements can sometimes feel like a tedious art form. From fitted sheets, to flat sheets, to pillow cases, cushions, euro-shams, lumbar pillows, duvets, coverlets, blankets, linen, Egyptian cotton, percale…the options are literally endless! But look no further! We have found the ultimate layering piece that will turn any bed into a cozy haven! Made of 100% ticking stripe cotton and finished with charming stitching details, this favourite quilt of mine is lightweight yet plush and inviting. Designed to be used year round, its versatility makes it the perfect blanket to crawl under on cold winter nights or sleep atop when summer evenings prove too hot for layers. Find it here.

Bellocq Holiday Set

Tea is the quintessential cozy drink and the perfect companion to an evening curled up on the sofa with a good book. The tea lovers on your list will love these enticing winter blends of spicy, seasonal aromas from warming cinnamon and ginger to fragrant spearmint and vanilla. Stuff their stockings with the signature navy blue Bellocq canisters or surprise them with the delightful buttery yellow gift box under the tree. Find it here.

Moku Linen Room Shoes (Ink Blue)

I’m only a recent convert to slipper wearing but now I can’t imagine ever being without! I’m convinced everyone should own a pair and these Japanese-made beauties fit the bill in more ways than one. Crafted of a soft cotton sole and lined with beautifully coloured linen (that will only get softer with each use), the simple construction and clean lines of these pantoufles make them a great gift for anyone on your list. Your loved ones’ toes will thank you for these! Find them here.

Velvet Bedroll Cushion

Not quite a throw cushion, not quite a throw blanket, (but oh so comfy) the velvet bedroll is in a category of its own making it a versatile piece to layer around the home. At the foot of the bed to keep your toes warm, on top of the sofa for extra cushioning, or rolled out on the floor for an epic living room camp out movie night (popcorn included), I’m convinced the velvet bedroll will become the new go-to cuddle companion in every home! Find it here.

Città Velvet Cushion (Henna)

Speaking of which, is anyone else having a major crush on velvet these days? Cue the famous words of George Costanza “I would drape myself in velvet if it were socially acceptable”. Yeah me too. I can’t think of a more sumptuous, inviting material than velvet…it practically begs to you to come snuggle up and settle in. And this beautiful deep shade of chocolate-y goodness will make anyone swoon! Find it here.

Purl Knit Throw (Walnut)

Of all the throws we carry here at JUNE the Purl Knit Throw is a clear winner and a personal favourite. Generous in warmth, seriously enveloping and surprisingly very soft for a wool blanket, it checks all the proverbial boxes! I have used it many a crisp night cuddled in front of the crackling fire at our cottage and I’m hard pressed to find a more comforting alternative. Reminiscent of a weighted blanket, this wool throw has a gentle cocooning effect that wraps around you like a never ending toasty hug, and well who wouldn’t want that? Find it here.

Milo Dutch Oven (Emerald)

When I imagine a cosy home in my mind there’s definitely something heartwarming simmering on the stove. Soups, stews, braises…a good quality dutch oven is the ultimate sidekick for creating comfort food and a great gift for the kitchen enthusiast on your list. Designed in California, the Milo Dutch oven is a modern yet classic iteration of its time-honoured French counterpart. Not only is it crafted of the highest quality enamel, but it is lovingly made with 40% recycled cast iron that would have otherwise been discarded in the land-fill. Also a perfect gift for those who are aiming to reduce their footprint. Find it here.

Round Brass Sconce

Ah candlelight! Isn’t it enchanting? The lingering waft of a stricken match, the gentle flicker of a flame, the slow drip of wax…lighting a candle is truly one of life’s simple pleasures and the beauty of this ritual can only be elevated with this striking wall sconce. In our own home we’ve opted for a pair of these in our living room and the gentle golden glow it emanates is nothing short of magical and heartwarming. The perfect backdrop to a snug evening at home. Find it here.

Hand Twisted Beeswax Tapers

And what is candlelight without a good pair of your favourite candles? A fresh twist (no pun intended) on the classic beeswax taper, this hand-dipped, hand-twisted version makes for a lovely hostess gift for the holidays. Simply wrap a few pairs in a rustic sheet of parchment paper and finish off with a lovely bow of velvet ribbon. Find it here.

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