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Collection Feature: poterie renault

Collection Feature: poterie renault

There’s something about a handmade object that stands the test of time in both style and function that fascinates us.

A piece of wooden furniture, a brass ornament, or a long-seasoned cast iron pan or pot; all of these items serve a purpose while also holding the beauty of age, usefulness, and reliability.

That’s why we are thrilled to tell you more about our collection of beautiful, Poterie Renault pieces that have been handcrafted with careful technique by a family-owned business for over 5 generations.

In 1846, Stanislas Renault opened a workshop on the grounds of an old castle in the Loire Valley, France. Made from local grey clay and finished by hand, his salt-glazed pottery soon became a staple in not only the local cafés but restaurants and hotels across the country.

It was the salt glazing technique that produced the glossy, textured finish that made the pieces iconic. Sea salt was tossed into the kiln at the highest temperatures during the firing process to produce the results that you see in each of the pieces from this factory.

Five generations later, the Renault family was still handcrafting this iconic stoneware the old fashioned way.

They continued to fire each piece in the original kiln used back in 1847 up until their closure in 2016. The design of each piece stayed true to traditional French pottery from as far back as the 1600s.

Since closing their doors, pieces from the Poterie Renault line have become more than a collection of staples for cafés and restaurants.

They’re a piece of history, exquisite craftsmanship, and style.

The image of artisans handcrafting pottery in the French countryside in the 1800s is one that is just as romantic as it is astounding; designs used over 150 years ago are still relevant, useful, and beautiful today.

Imagining these vessels being used in the same way in a kitchen so long ago can bring a sense of connection to past and present. It can encourage us to take a moment to consider the usefulness and longevity of the many items we rely on daily.

We hope your own Poterie Renault pieces last you for years to come and that the history of their design makes them feel that much more special to behold.

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