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An Ode to the Final Days of Summer

An Ode to the Final Days of Summer

Oh summer. How we love you.

It’s been three (or four depending on where you live) months of pure, humid bliss. We’ve packed picnics, gone on road trips, and stayed up late around the fire.

We’ve slept in tents, wandered in bushes, and eaten watermelon in the park.

We’ve visited markets, drank long morning coffees, and read books at the beach.

And now the final weekend of summer has arrived and we’re trying to take in or cross off all the last little favourite moments of summer off our list.

It never feels like enough time to truly take in these long, endless days. And sometimes even the annual summer events like the yearly family camping trip or the visit to the lake feel like a big to-do. So much packing, organizing and coordinating.

But when this last weekend hits, we’d do it all over again. Yes, we’re looking forward to cozy mornings and blankets and hot cocoa, but there’s just something about summer that really can’t compare.

And so, as our final hoorah, we’re going to take it all in this weekend, and we hope you do as well.

Go for that final picnic, walk down that long, winding path, lounge at the beach with a friend.

Do it all to celebrate this season of ease and warmth and to cherish these last days of no jackets, and too much bug spray.

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