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A Source of Warmth - Contemporary Woollens

A Source of Warmth - Contemporary Woollens

Wool is not always soft – it is warm, practical and raw. Wool surrounds with a weight and at the same time, a lightness, offering its warmth, protection and comfort. Within North America, we can trace a line of unique techniques, pattern application and texture from Canada to Mexico.

Canadian Wool Blanket

The MacAusland Woollen Mills

The simple, striped MacAusland Woollen Blanket , from our collection of Canadian wool products is made on Prince Edward Island from raw wool produced throughout the Atlantic region. In 1902, the company focused first on producing woollen yarn, and after 30 years transitioned to producing woollen blankets. They are currently the only mill in Atlantic Canada producing traditional blankets of 100% virgin lambs wool using naturally derived dyes and minimal, yet timeless patterning. In recent years, a customer returned with a woollen blanket purchased before the Second World War to have the edges re-hemmed – a testament to its enduring quality.

Mexican Wool Blankets and Pillow Cover

Clear of traditional patterning, it is the quality in texture and understated detailing that render these pieces so beautiful. The blankets and pillow coverings are woven on vintage shuttle looms in the highlands of Mexico state and processed by hand using traditional methods. Both are sourced from Mexico through a company called Hecho, operated by Ehren Seeland whose roots are on the Canadian Prairies. Ehren partners with talented artisans based in Mexico and Guatemala to design and create ethically-made products. She assembles the handmade work, helping bring light to the intersection of contemporary design and traditional artisan processes.

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