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A Linen Closet Refresh

A Linen Closet Refresh

In true self-isolation fashion, I (Danielle) have undertaken a project that’s long been on my to-do list and I’m excited to share the results with you!

There’s nothing that makes my heart happier than giving a space in my home some love and organization and my linen closet was definitely due for a good cleaning.

As with most families, any space with a door to hide a mess tends to fall into disarray after awhile and it can start to become overwhelming when toilet paper is stacked haphazardly, and bottles begin toppling out of cupboards when they’re opened.

This was the case with our linen closet until I started to collect a number of boxes and baskets to help tame the mess.

I think that baskets can help solve the majority of our home organization problems and to test this theory, I applied it to our linen/utility closet.

The result was remarkable (if I do say so myself).

Refill bottles are now stored upright and tidy. Towels and cloths are now easily accessible with their own baskets, each.

Toilet paper now has a home in a wire basket that can be reached by all members of the household (no more excuses not to refill an empty roll).

And less used items now occupy the tallest shelves.

And as further proof that my basket theory rings true, I’ve also included a before and after shot so you can see how disorganized this closet was pre-basket.

If you’re ready to tackle your own closets or cupboards, I recommend measuring the shelf space that you have available before you begin your search for the boxes and baskets. My closet is relatively narrow, so I had to find smaller baskets that had a shallow depth so that they would fit snuggly in the space.

You’ll also notice in the before photo, that there was wasted space in this particular closet that I remedied by adding additional, higher shelves to store items that aren’t used everyday. I also added hooks to the back of the door that allow me to tuck away my apron and dust pan.

I know cleaning and organizing isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I find that the process of making a frequently used space even more usable can leave a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction. And we could all use some of that right now.

One of the reasons we started June Home Supply was so that small, seemingly boring tasks like cleaning and organizing could take on a new life of calm, peace and tranquility. We believe in finding joy in the ordinary – even if that’s simply reorganizing a closet.

Wishing you happy cleaning and organizing in your own homes!

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