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A January Pick-Me-Up

A January Pick-Me-Up

While we love January and the start of a new year for all the promise and motivation it brings – we also often associate this month with a bit of a sense of restlessness. Compared with the high energy and activity of the holidays, January can come as a let-down. Even a few weeks in, the goals and motivation we started with can all feel like a distant memory.

We’d like to challenge you in this season of cold, short days to focus on finding peace and contentment instead of wishing for quick and easy changes, because, let’s face it. Change never comes easy and routine and schedules can often bring an unexpected but much needed comfort.

With all that said, here are three practices/routines to try for the rest of January to keep the blues at bay and settle into some much need time of rest.

Create a Nighttime Routine

What better way to give yourself the space and time needed to rest in this cold, dark month?

Creating a nighttime routine is definitely a tried and true means to a better, more well-rested self.

Our idea of the perfect evening schedule?

Set aside an hour before you plan to go to bed to brew a cup of decaffeinated tea , read a book or watch a favourite show, and turn off your phone.

It’s not a complicated plan, but it guarantees a moment of reprise from a busy day and something to look forward to before you close your eyes each night.

The key is choosing a consistent bedtime so that each evening your body recognizes that it’s wind down time.

Commit to a Reading List

Finding time to dig in and read a book seems impossible these days. Smart phones, busy work days, constant errands – it all contributes to a hectic schedule that can make the thought of picking up a book daunting.

However, we know that reading helps us to relax, both in mind and body.

One of best ways we’ve found to commit to reading is by compiling a list of books that you want to complete within a given time frame. This doesn’t mean committing to reading more than you have time for. Even if it’s just one book every two or three months and your reading time is carved out one or two days a week – it’s a worthwhile habit to cultivate.

And if you need more motivation, create a reading nook and make the experience even more enjoyable with a warm blanket or two!

Give Yourself Space

This is a practice that’s harder to define – but how often do you set aside time to do something you enjoy or find valuable?

It’s so rare to have this time given to us naturally in our day to day, but having time alone to think, pray, or whatever you do to find inner peace is so important.

Whether it’s visiting a neighbourhood cafe, journaling , or simply sitting and enjoying a cup of coffee on the couch; time for yourself will give you a sense of renewal.

We encourage you to schedule this in and made it a habit.

Whether this January is bringing you all the change and motivation you need, or bringing it’s own set of challenges, we hope these ideas for routine and habit are helpful in allowing you to set aside time for yourself.

After all, 2020 is just beginning and there’s so much to come in the year ahead.

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